Sample Article

What will I need to write?

Most of the article assignments here at Write For Cash are product or service reviews and will typically consist of the following parts:

A brief introduction to the product or service summarising what it is.

The main article body looking at any key benefits of the product or service.

Any negatives including product side effects or any drawbacks.

A positive or negative conclusion which takes into consideration all of the facts presented in the article.

Every assignment issued to you will include a template with sub headings, these will help you complete the article and give you ideas on what to write.

The following is a short sample review written to give you an idea of what we require in terms of content and structure :

Eye Secrets Review

What is Eye Secrets?

Eye Secrets is a new range of beauty treatments designed to improve the appearance of eye bags, droopy eyelids and fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

According to Scottish based manufacturer – Advanced Health, Eye Secrets can transform the look of the eyes giving a more youthful look in an instant.

Key Benefits of Eye Secrets

– Features 3 unique treatments which target the entire eye area
– Hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin
– Will fit any Eye Shape
– Clinically tested
– Low cost and risk free alternative to Eye-lift surgery

What is in the Eye Secrets Kit?

The full Eye Secrets range includes the following treatments –

Under Eye Tightener
This collagen rich formula works to improve the elasticity of skin, helping to reduce the appearance of crows feet, puffiness and wrinkles and helping to restore the skins surface.

Eye Lash Accelerator
Applied each night before bedtime, this hypo-allergenic formula works to give thicker, darker and longer lashes after just a few weeks of use. The manufacturer also states this product can be used on the eyebrows to thicken up sparse areas.

Upper Eyelid Lift
These small crescent shaped strips temporarily eliminate droopy eyelids and sagging skin above the eye. The strips are made from a breathable transparent plastic and match skin tone once applied. Results last for a full 12 hours.

Does Eye Secrets really work?

Customer feedback on the range is generally positive with the Eye Secrets Strips by far the most popular product.

Celebrity Ex-Eastender Michelle Collins recently revealed that Eye Secrets Strips were “amazing” adding that “they give brighter looking and more wide awake eyes in an instant”.

Eye Secrets has also been positively reviewed by a number of national newspapers, with the Daily Mail calling it the £30 Eye-lift that can “Strip away the years”.

Celebrity endorsements and PR aside, Eye Secrets is proving to be a real inexpensive and painless alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery.

Where to buy Eye Secrets?

Currently the range can only be purchased direct from the official Eye Secrets website. The entire kit costs £64.99 which includes the Lash Accelerator for free (List price for range £99)

How do I research my article?

We will often provide links in assignments where you can learn more about the subject. However, you may need to search online for more information to help you complete the article.

You must always write the article in YOUR OWN words and not use copied content. We use plagiarism software to check if your article is unique.

Top Tips for creating approved articles

Write from the perspective of a journalist rather than a personal review using your own experiences.

Articles should be between 400 – 600 words long

Only stick to provable facts when reviewing products or services

Do not make unproven or slanderous claims against a manufacturer or brand

Make sure you meet all criteria set out in the article assignment

Submitted content should always be 100% unique and not copied from any other source.